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Berek & Novak's Gynecology 16e (IE) > Gu / Gy

Berek & Novak's Gynecology 16e (IE) 요약정보 및 구매

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  • 9781975143800
저자명 Berek
출판사 LW/W
출판년도 2019-04-26
판형 Hardcorver ㅣ 16판 ㅣ 1256pages
정가 210,000원
판매가 180,000원
도서상태 정상공급
포인트 구매금액(추가옵션 제외)의 2%
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상품 상세설명

Covering the entire spectrum of women’s healthcare, Berek &; Novak’s Gynecology, 16th Edition, provides
definitive information and guidance for trainees and practicing physicians. A newly streamlined design and brilliant,
full-color illustrations highlight must-know content on principles of practice and initial assessment, including relevant
basic science; preventive and primary care for women; and methods of diagnosis and management in general
gynecology, operative gynecology, urogynecology and pelvic reconstructive surgery, early pregnancy issues,
reproductive endocrinology, and gynecologic oncology.

 • Features a modern, two-column design throughout, for an easier-to-manage volume with unabridged content.
 • Contains thoroughly revised, clinically-focused information, including a new chapter on violence against
   women and sexual assault.
 • Offers authoritative discussions on current topics such as robotics, power morcellation, and gender identity
 • Includes key points at the beginning of each chapter that are annotated throughout; exhaustive reference lists
   for more in-depth study and highlighted top references; and updated illustrations and photographs.

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