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Radiologic Physics: The Essentials 1st Edition > 영상의학과

Radiologic Physics: The Essentials 1st Edition 요약정보 및 구매

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  • 9781496386298
저자명 Zhihua Qi PhD
출판사 LWW
출판년도 2019-11-16
판형 Hardcover ㅣ 1판 ㅣ 260 pages
정가 144,000원
판매가 129,600원
도서상태 정상공급
포인트 구매금액(추가옵션 제외)의 2%
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  • Radiologic Physics: The Essentials 1st Edition (+0원)

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Perfect for residents to use during rotations, or as a quick review for practicing radiologists and fellows, Radiologic Physics: The Essentials is a complete, concise overview of the most important knowledge in this complex field. Each chapter begins with learning objectives and ends with board-style questions that help you focus your learning. A self-assessment examination at the end of the book tests your mastery of the content and prepares you for exams.

  • Follows the proven Essentials series format to provide a comprehensive yet concise overview of radiologic physics.
  • Features image-rich, case-based multiple-choice questions with answers and explanations that mimic what you’re likely to see on exams.
  • Covers basic concepts of all modalities used during residency: radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography, CT, MRI, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine, as well as radiation biology and radiation protection.
  • Helps you successfully absorb key concepts through behaviorally based learning objectives, as well as


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