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Breast MRI for High-risk Screening > Breast

Breast MRI for High-risk Screening 요약정보 및 구매

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  • 9783030412067
저자명 Sardanelli
출판사 Springer
출판년도 2020-11-10
판형 Hardcorver ㅣ 1판 ㅣ 399pages
정가 180,000원
판매가 162,000원
도서상태 정상공급
포인트 구매금액(추가옵션 제외)의 2%
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This book offers a comprehensive overview of the use of breast MRI for screening high-risk women, including those with familial-genetic hereditary predisposition and previous chest radiation therapy, typically lymphoma survivors. It discusses the historical background of studies and research that provided the body of evidence in favor of MRI screening of these women. Technical and clinical topics are treated in dedicated chapters, including models for individualized risk estimation, radiogenomics of breast cancer in high-risk women, computer-aided detection/diagnosis and machine learning systems applied to breast MRI, and psycho-oncology issues. Alternatives to breast MRI screening such as pharmaco-prevention and prophylactic mastectomy are also discussed, taking into account the public debate on the “Angelina Jolie” effect. The high breast cancer risk model is proposed as a paradigm for personalized medicine. This book will be of interest to radiologists, surgeons, oncologists and to all professionals devoted to female healthcare. 


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