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Diagnostic Imaging:Breast,2/e 요약정보 및 구매

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  • 9781931884730
저자명 Berg
출판사 LW/W
출판년도 2013-12-04
판형 Hardcover ㅣ 2판 ㅣ​​​​ 800 pages
정가 200,000원
판매가 200,000원
도서상태 정상공급
포인트 구매금액(추가옵션 제외)의 2%
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Diagnostic Imaging: Breast, 2nd edition covers the entire spectrum of breast imaging, including screening and diagnostic mammography, tomosynthesis, breast ultrasound, MRI, positron emission mammography, and gamma camera breast imaging. Also highlighted are topics in breast pathology and management of breast diseases.  The 5th edition of the BI-RADS for mammography and 2nd editions of BI-RADS for ultrasound and MRI are cited throughout, providing the essential reporting tools for breast imaging. Along with Amirsys-pioneered, bulleted text, this handsome volume also includes thousands of illustrations and images, all annotated with essential information. Diagnostic Imaging: Breast, 2nd edition, is a must-have, NEW edition reference for anyone involved with breast imaging!

Published by Amirsys, a globally recognized medical information publisher.
Heavily illustrated, including tomosynthesis, along with hundreds of annotated images.
Bulleted and succinct text format distills essential information for fast and easy comprehension.
Comes with Amirsys eBook Advantage™, an online eBook featuring expanded content, additional eBook images, and fully searchable text.


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